is it good or bad that we are becoming more and more dependent on computers

is it good or bad that we are becoming more and more dependent on computers
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It is an interesting topic,and I am gonna talk about it on both positive side and negative side.
computers are well known by people around the world,especially young people.People in office use it to deal with the office work,students use computer to complete their essay.Many public services department build an computer-based system to serve people in public.As a result,computer is important for people.
However,following with the benefits bring by the computer.there are some problems caused when people working depend on computers.
First of all,the creativity of people will decrease when they using computer.the computer is a high technology product.Instead of creating,people can use the existed computer functions to complete their works.They will stop thinking.
Secondly,the writing ability is affected when people using computer.With a computer,people no longer need to do hand writting.All works can be typed into computers and printed out.The writting ability will definitely affected because people give up writting.
In conclusion,computers help people perform well during live,but there are still problems exist when people depend on computers.It is valuable if people positively finding a way to avoid those problems,and then the computer will reach the maximum usability.
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