NOW write a letter about what you did on your last day off.英语作文怎么写 大约80字左右.

NOW write a letter about what you did on your last day off.英语作文怎么写 大约80字左右.
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  I think I had a great time on my last day off.On Saturday,Iwent to study in the morning as usual.And I watched TV,played computer games,read in the afternoon.Also,I helped my mom clean the room in the evening.Tired but happy.On Sunday,I slept late,so I got enough rest.After that,I finished my homework and then I visited my friends.But the weather was so bad,and it rained all day.But I also felt happy.Because I played with him.Although I stayed at home.In the afternoon,I played computer games all afternoon.It was relaxing.In the evening,I read some books and did homework for long time.And I went to bed early.because I didn't want to slept late on weekdays.
  So you can see,my day off was really very great!
  My last day off was great.I had a great time doing some interesting things.In the morning,I went to the zoo with some friends.There were many people and animais there.First,we went to see the lions,because lions were too cool.Then we watched a movie about some animals.That made us surprised.After lunch,we went to the gym to play basketball.It's important for us to keep healthy.After that,we bought a lot of drink,because we were so thirsty.Finally,we also had a party,although we were so tired.At the end of the party,we sang some songs.
  My last day off was so great that we felt so happy.What a great day off!
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